Wales Waste Recycling Regulations: What the changes mean for your business

4 January 2024

Wales New Waste Regulations

The Welsh government’s introduction of new recycling regulations, set to start from 6th April 2024, will have a big impact on all businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

They have been put in place to improve the quality and quantity of business waste recycling across the country, but what does this mean for your business, and how can you prepare? At NRC we understand the intricacies of business waste management, so we’ve pulled together all the information you will need to make sure you stay compliant.

Understanding the new regulations

Under the new laws, all businesses and organisations in Wales will have to sort their waste for recycling. This means, from April 6th, you won’t be allowed a mixed recycling bin or collection, regardless of the amount of waste you have.

For example, if you have a skip full of cardboard waste and 5 glass bottles, you will need a separate skip or bin and separate collection for each.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much leeway for businesses with limited space. This means that regardless of your site set up, you will have to find the space for these additional bins.

The impact on your business

If you’re thinking that these regulations are impossible to meet – you’re not alone. There are some real practical issues and the requirement to manage single waste streams means that many existing recycling facilities, designed for mixed waste, will need significant investment to adapt. This could lead to increased operational costs for businesses just like yours.

Plus, with extra bins comes extra collections. This means if you currently have two vehicles coming to site for waste collections each week, you will likely now see this rise to four vehicles.

So, here’s the burning question – how much is this going to cost? Well, we’ve done a preliminary cost analysis and there are varying impacts across different sectors. For example, hospitality businesses will see a 5% increase in costs, whereas small retailers will see a 23% increase in costs.

Beyond the financial challenges

The regulations extend beyond financial implications. They will demand logistical changes like:

Businesses with limited space for containers will face additional hurdles in complying with the new laws. Collection contractors, too, will have to invest thousands to help their customers meet these regulations. This could lead to increased collection costs and additional expenses due to reduced productivity and logistical challenges.

Getting prepared

Worried about getting your business ready by April? Then get in touch with NRC today. We’ve specialised in business waste management for over 30 years and have already started helping our clients prepare for the new regulations.

Let your business be next – give our team of experts a call and we can help you find the most efficient and cost effective way to adjust. With decades of hands-on experience, you can count on us to help you find the best solution for your business.

To find out more about how the new regulations will impact your business, download our free brochure.