Types of Waste

We can collect every type of waste that a commercial business generates. Regardless of whether it’s recyclable, hazardous, confidential or otherwise, we have the connections, equipment, and relevant partners to be able to remove any type of waste from your business premises.

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What types of waste can we handle for you?

We know from experience that businesses can produce multiple types of waste. We help you to separate your waste into different containers to substantially lower your commercial waste costs and enhance your green credentials. 

General Waste

We’ll collect your non-recyclable items and aim to treat them in the most eco-responsible way. In the interests of transparency, you can always see how we disposed of your general waste with your service report.

Mixed Recycling

Our mixed paper, card, plastics, and metal collection services allow you to commit to your recycling goals with the minimum amount of hassle and fuss. With only a small amount of on-site sorting required by you, we’ll do all the major heavy lifting.


If your business produces a lot of paper and cardboard waste then let us take care of collecting and recycling it for you. We can even help you to install on-site baling equipment to deliver even more cost savings for your business.

Food Waste

We take the food waste that your business produces and use bacteria to break it down. It’s then transformed into green electricity, fertiliser and compost. You can reduce your general waste costs by removing them from the general waste stream.


Glass waste is heavy, so it can increase your general waste removal costs significantly. But by segregating it into its own bins, not only can you reduce your overall waste management costs, but it enables us to turn the glass into cullet and fully recycle it.


We can provide safe and secure confidential waste disposal on a UK-wide level. We’ll provide everything that you need to ensure that your confidential waste is contained, transported, and destroyed according to strict data protection guidelines.

Commodities (with rebates)

If you produce large quantities of cardboard, plastic or metal we can pay you a rebate for that material. We can also advise on providing equipment to maximise your returns.

Other Waste

We also provide services for WEEE waste, clinical waste, hazardous, and pre-consumer food waste.

Case Studies

Some of the clients we manage commercial waste for

Case Study

Increase in recycling of over 300%

Case Study

31% of the waste was recycled, 65% of it was recovered

Case Study

34% reduction in general waste volume

Case Study

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Reduced general waste cost by 40%


“NRC completed a full site audit and advised us on improvements we could make increasing recycling and reducing costs. They worked with our team to help everyone understand what we are trying to achieve. We have since invested in new equipment and the waste management process is much more efficient – and we now recycle over 90% of our waste. The NRC team are responsive and attend site whenever we need them.”

Paulo Botrugno | VP Global Supplier Management – Head of International Supply Chain

Why NRC?

Why trust NRC with your commercial waste?

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