Why Choose NRC?

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The National Resource Consortium (NRC) is founded on the principle that one size does not fit all. Your business deserves a bespoke solution that meets the unique needs of each and every site. If you’re tired of unreliable collections, unexpected charges, and poor communication, contact us for an informal chat about how our waste planning expertise and network of hand-picked independent waste suppliers could solve your waste and recycling challenges.

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Why is NRC different?

NRC exists to devise and implement bespoke waste solutions fulfilled by our national network of regional suppliers which are the UK’s leading independent waste operators. Our suppliers are chosen as members of our network which is guided by a strict set of standards to guarantee service consistency and accountability. As innovators and entrepreneurs, our suppliers are at the cutting edge of the waste industry and are fully committed to providing outstanding waste and recycling solutions.

Our industry experts work with our customers on a site-by-site basis to carry out detailed assessments of existing waste systems, produce clear and costed recommendations, and guide you through the implementation process and beyond.

Our central NRC team provides simple, transparent and straightforward contract management. All reporting and billing is handled centrally, offering customers a single point of contact for all account queries.

The National Resource Consortium is perfectly positioned to offer the benefits of local waste and recycling service provision on a national scale. NRC is agile and able to respond to any challenge while providing corporate levels of service.

How can NRC help?

Do you have too many varied sites to service by a single system?

Whatever the location or function, NRC will work with you to design a bespoke waste service to meet the needs and restrictions of each of your sites. Whether you have limited space to store bins, restricted access times for collections, or varying levels of employee engagement with waste processes across your sites, we will work with you to develop a system that works for your business and support you at every stage.

Are some of your sites producing high volumes of waste?

As part of our assessment and planning process, NRC’s consultants will fully evaluate your waste streams, volumes and existing processes to identify the most cost-effective handling and removal methods. In some cases, this may involve introducing baling equipment to some of your sites, in which case the NRC team will guide you through the process of selecting and installing the right equipment for your needs.

Are you looking to reduce your waste and recycling costs?

Thanks to our membership structure NRC isn’t reliant on high profit margins. We therefore guarantee our customers best value rates for national commercial waste and recycling services. Our national network of contracted suppliers fulfils service delivery, while you receive a single consolidated rate regardless of service location. Our central team provides transparent billing with online back-up, supported by clear and detailed reporting.

Are you tired of missed collections and unexpected charges?

Missed and rearranged collections are inconvenient at best and, at worst, an obstruction to your business operations. Your organisation needs reliability and accountability. Our suppliers are all contracted members of NRC and are bound to our strict service standards so you can rest assured that your collections are our priority. Our single consolidated rate ensures that your costs will be regular and predictable, eliminating surprise charges. If unavoidable issues arise, our centralised contract management team is your single point of contact for all queries and resolutions.

Do you need greater accountability?

We understand that you need clear reporting of your waste, recovery and costs. Our contracted suppliers operate more than 900 vehicles across our UK network, over 75% of which are equipped with the latest on-board weighing technology – and this is continuously increasing. With extensive data available, we can provide you with the detailed reporting you need.

Do you want to increase your recycling rate?

Recycling is not only ethically responsible, it also makes sound business sense. As landfill tax continues to rise and government increases pressure on businesses to achieve greater sustainability, more organisations are prioritising recycling across their operations.

NRC is passionate about recycling and our contracted suppliers are all committed to diverting as much waste from landfill as possible. We currently achieve an average recycling rate of 57% with a further 34% of waste recovered for energy production. We will work with your business to understand your waste streams and implement cost effective processes to recover as much material as possible.

Do you need to boost the value of your recovered materials?

More and more businesses are recognising the value in the waste they produce and benefiting from the commodity market. But it’s a complex marketplace where the quality and integrity of materials is paramount. As part of your waste solution, NRC can support you to improve the quality and value of your recovered materials that can offset the costs of recovery.

If you’re ready to take the hassle out of your waste management, contact us today.