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Videos of the Month: February 2020


This month, we feature a video from Which? that explores how potent greenhouse gases could be used to generate bio-gas, and ITV News which explores how we could dispose of clothes ethically.

ABC News

Imagine if all plastic waste could be eliminated? Australian scientists claim they have developed a home-grown solution that could make all plastic recyclable and eliminate our stockpiles of waste. ABC News takes a look, here:


What would happen if we recycled all our food waste and could it actually benefit us in any way? Which? explores how food waste produces potent greenhouse gases that are bad for our environment but could be used to generate bio-gas instead.

ITV News

According to WRAP, it is estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. ITV News looks into how we can ethically dispose of clothes in a bid to avoid our old t-shirts, jumpers, dresses and trousers ending up in a landfill site on the other side of the world.