660L Wheelie Bin

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660l Bin Collections


660l Bin for Collection

  • Price: Reach out for more information
  • Dimensions: 123cm x 137cm x 77cm
  • Collection frequency: As often as you need
  • Waste type: Cardboard, dry mixed recycling, general

Our 660L wheelie bin is designed to provide a range of commercial waste solutions. With four wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a breakage system to avoid damage in high winds, these bins are as practical as they are durable.


Our 660L Wheelie Bin

A 660L wheelie bin makes an excellent solution to all your commercial waste management needs, especially if your business produces around 10 bin bags of waste on a weekly basis.

Key features: 

  • Long-lasting and robust materials
  • Substantial and spacious load capacity
  • Four wheels make it easy to move
  • Corrosion and weather-resistant container

Frequently asked questions


What size is a 660L wheelie bin?
A 660L wheelie bin has the following dimensions:
  • 123 cm height
  • 137 cm width
  • 77 cm depth
How many bin bags fit in a 660L wheelie bin?
A 660L wheelie bin can hold around 10-12 large bin bags.
How heavy is too heavy for a 660L wheelie bin?
The weight limit for a 660L wheelie bin depends on the waste you are disposing of. For dry mixed recycling and cardboard waste, 25kg is the usual weight limit. For general waste disposal, 45kg is the usual weight limit.
What waste can usually go in a 660L wheelie bin?
A 660L bin is perfect for holding commercial waste, which makes it suited to a huge variety of businesses. If you produce any of the following waste, reach out to us now:
  • Cardboard
  • Dry mixed recycling
  • General
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