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The National Resource Consortium (NRC) was founded by 12 independent waste processing firms with a desire to offer organisations a new approach to national waste and recycling management. We created a resource management network with unrivalled waste collection and processing capacity to offer businesses across the UK an alternative to national waste operators, brokered solutions and outsourced services. Through NRC, the UK’s leading independent waste operators join forces to offer the flexibility, responsiveness and bespoke service of local providers, underpinned by corporate-quality capacity and outstanding service.

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Service you can count on

We understand that your business needs a tailored service and reliable collections. NRC’s waste industry experts work with every customer to assess waste streams and processes to design and implement a fully bespoke national waste management programme. Our regional suppliers are all bound to our service standards, reinforced by a membership agreement, meaning you can feel confident that they are fully committed to providing you with the quality of service you rightly expect.

As a consortium, NRC waste solutions offer 100% UK coverage with the complete flexibility that only local service delivery can provide.

Putting your business first

At NRC, the customer comes first. We understand that organisations need to demonstrate cost efficiency. Our membership structure means that NRC isn’t reliant on inflated profit margins, so our customers are confident that their national waste and recycling service represents best value.

At the heart of our service is honest and straightforward contract management. Our central team has decades of experience in the waste sector. As the single point of contact for all customer reporting and billing, we pride ourselves on providing transparent and accountable contract management.

A sustainable Approach

The National Resource Consortium is dedicated to providing outstanding waste solutions that protect our environment. We support our customers to improve their sustainability, divert waste from landfill, and maximise recycling and recovery outputs. Across our supplier network, we divert 93% of all waste from landfill, with 57% recycled and 34% recovered for energy. Many of our customers achieve zero waste to landfill and we are always working hard to improve our achievements.

NRC designs and implements cost-effective, ethical waste management systems for all types of business.

Contact our team to find out how NRC could support your business.