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What’s this? A win, win, win – on plastic!


Sainsbury’s To Trial “Pre-Cycle” Area For Customers To Recycle Plastic

It’s great to see Sainsbury’s trialling something where they can take direct action for reducing the impact of plastic and other packaging. With this, consumers can remove the unwanted packaging from their homes knowing that Sainsbury’s is going to be motivated to find ways to reduce non-recyclable packaging and to ensure the recycling of the packaging they recover.

Let’s assume the system works and gets adopted by all retailers. It means the retailers will now make revenues from the material that they recover and sell. It means investments can be made in the UK to treat that material, as it’s all in one place. Inevitably there’s a ‘however’, which is that councils will now lose that material stream from their waste flow – and that could cause a reduction in their recycling percentages.

So. Good step forward – well done Sainsbury’s. The waste management industry treats and processes what the producers produce; the initiative will drive the use of recyclable packaging and increase the overall quality of the commodity produced; and it should be self-financing for Sainsbury’s.

Win, win, win (unless you are a council).