Other Waste Streams

Paper and cardboard recycling

NRC works with organisations that produce large volumes of paper and card waste to implement waste processes to maximise the recovery value of these materials. We can support you to produce a high quality resource for collection. We can also support the introduction of on-site baling equipment at competitive costs where this will deliver an increased return on investment.


Many types of plastic can be included with Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) but some or all of your sites may require separate plastic collections. Our national network of waste operators can collect and process all plastics from typical PET and HDPE to less common and rigid plastics. If your business produces high volumes of plastic, our experts will work with you to implement a suitable bespoke recovery system that will maximise the value of your plastic waste.


NRC will work with you to identify your WEEE materials and ensure all items are disposed of in compliance with the Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Our national network of contracted waste operators will ensure that your waste computers, laptops, mobile devices, hard drives and other electronics are legally and ethically processed for recycling.

Confidential Waste

Secure disposal of confidential waste has never been more important. NRC can provide a wide range of national confidential waste disposal services to meet your operational needs and help you to achieve GDPR compliance. Our contracted suppliers can provide everything you need from self-seal sacks and lockable cabinets for confidential paperwork to hard drive shredding and, in some areas, on-site data destruction at your own premises.

Hazardous Waste

NRC can support you to meet requirements of the Hazardous Waste Regulations (England & Wales). We can provide bespoke solutions to safely store, collect and dispose of your hazardous waste including aerosols, chemicals, tyres, fluorescent tubes and more. Our experienced team can advise you about your obligations and will work with you to design and implement a system that works for your sites.

Green Waste

NRC provides green waste recycling collections across the UK. Our national service can process tree waste, timber, plywood and pallets. We can collect and process all grades of wood and green waste. We will work with you to design a separation process that meets your operational needs and provide you with appropriate bins or skips for your waste volumes.

Clinical & sanitary waste

NRC can offer safe and compliant disposal of clinical and sanitary waste including sharps. Our contracted regional suppliers will supply your sites with receptacles to suit the types and volumes of waste. All collections are fully documented to meet the stringent compliance requirements of public sector organisations, health centres, hospitals, and dental practices.

Feminine Hygiene

NRC can help your business meet the recommendation of The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 1992 that businesses should equip female toilets with suitable sanitary waste disposal facilities. Our national network of suppliers can provide your locations with bespoke solutions to provide a healthy and safe washroom environment for your employees and guests.



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NRC provides transparent commercial terms and competitive rates aligned with industry indices, ensuring the best value for your business. Our 5-star quality service is available at any location in the UK.

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Why NRC?

Why choose NRC for your other waste collection?

Full transparency

We comply with strict laws for waste collection to prioritise safety and environmental protection. Our disposal reports give peace of mind by ensuring responsible waste handling.

Customer orientated

We combine honesty, expertise, and exceptional customer service to provide transparent and reliable communication with our clients.

Reactive & responsive

We provide efficient and dedicated services with prompt support to address any of your queries, ensuring a positive experience.

Value for money

NRC’s waste management services are cost-effective and customized to your business needs, streamlining your waste removal process.



We collaborate with waste removal companies that share our eco-friendly goals, aiming to recycle as much waste as possible while recovering energy from unrecyclable materials.

Full transparency

Choose our waste collection services for compliant, transparent waste removal. We follow health, safety, and environmental laws and provide detailed disposal reports.

Nationwide coverage

We provide consistent expertise and commitment to all of your business locations in the UK, no matter how many there are.

One point of contact

Our waste management experts simplify the process with a single point of contact to thoroughly understand your business’s unique waste needs.

Local service deliveries

We support your local community by collaborating with independent rubbish removal businesses in your area, providing a personalised service and keeping the contract money within your community.

Simple flexible approach

Transparent waste management services that adapt to your business needs are our priority at NRC. Our contracts are designed to provide complete transparency, with no hidden charges or clauses, making it easy to adjust your services as needed without any unexpected surprises.


Choose NRC for waste collection and disposal

NRC offers a wide range of containers and solutions to manage your waste from scheduled low volumes to very high volumes collected in specialist equipment.